The Law on the amendment Nr. 5683

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“In their circular letter no. 249/2012 of 18th of May 2012, the TURKISH CHAMBER OF SHIPPING notified their members of an amendment to Law No. 5683 pertaining to Foreigners Residing and Travelling in Turkey The Chamber’s General Secretary, Murat TUNCER, summarized the contents of a letter received on May 14th 2012 from the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as follows: ‘1. It has been considered that the measures taken to regulate the periods foreigners can stay in Turkey may be deterrent for long-term visitors, and that yacht owners in particular, who want to enjoy marine tourism in our country, will opt for neighbouring countries. It is also thought that the time-consuming procedure of obtaining a residence permit will make potential tourists abandon their plans to visit Turkey and that this will have a negative effect on the number of tourists coming to our country. In any case many critical comments from the sector’s organizations as well as from the print and visual media have been published. Therefore it has been agreed that for beneficiaries of the tourism sector special exemptions and exceptions be created rather than to subject them to the whole procedure of applying for a residence permit. 2. It has been decided that residence permit procedures for yacht owners, their spouses, children, crew members or other staff working on board who come to our country for marine tourism purposes, be it with a visa or visa-exempt, shall be linked to the Cruising Permission Document (Yacht Registration Certificate known as Transit log) which is issued by the competent department of the port authority in line with the Regulations for Marine Tourism. As this document contains all necessary information with regards to the vessel no further document will be required (berthing contract, crew agreement, seaman’s book, proof of income etc). 3. Furthermore, there will be no obligation of giving a residence address (house, hotel or pension) as normally required when applying for a residence permit. For those who want to live aboard their yacht the yacht will be accepted as residence address. ”

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