12′ Dinghy the twins


The lady in the upper picture is Sga. Liliana De Negri with her “Scignoria”. The picture must be taken in the late 1960’s. The picture below is Mr. Can Sürekli, owner of Yachtworks, on the first trial of our Dinghy Nr. 1 on 28 April 2001 in Bodrum Harbour.

Ms. De Negri’s picture is from “La leggenda del Dinghy 12 piedi” by Paolo Rastrelli published by the “Associazione Italiana Classe Dinghy 12′ “, undated.



Some FAQ about 12′ Dinghy

What is actually the 12′ Dinghy?

The 12′ Dinghy was designed in 1913 by George Cockshott, a British amateur designer. The 12′ Dinghy was designed as a not too small tender to yachts. With slightly higher freeboard and some other features it proved to be a good seakeeping boat. The 12′ Dinghy was appointed 1920 an international class. In 1928 it became an Olympic class.

Presently there are more than 1000 of them racing in the world. Most of them in Italy, where the Class is used also as a training boat for Navy Officers, some in Holland and also in Japan.

Turkey has a tradition with the 12′ Dinghy. Some fine naval architects, including the late Harun Ülmen built them in the 1950’s and 60’s.

In Italy there is an active 12′ Dinghy Class Association.

How many have you manufactured so far?

Our first production will be four. The prototype was completed and delivered in May 2001. Two further are planned to be delivered in June 2001, one for July 2001.

What is the profile for a potential owner of the 12′ Dinghy?

The 12′ Dinghy attracts kids as well as people of the generation who remember this boat as a succesful racer and an elegant tender. The potential owner cares for an “original”, manufactured lovingly in the best workmanship, strictly according to plans. The potential owner enjoys the flame of the mahogany, the solidness of the oak and the tradition of the hand-formed copper rivets, about 1600 of them. The potential owner apreciates  a living classic legend.

Why yachtWORKS bodrum?

We are a small group of professionals with extensive experience maintaining and servicing oceangoing yachts. We unite prudent business attitude with quality workmanship, good materials and good seamanship.

Bodrum has been a centre for wooden boatbuilding for centuries. Many people, attracted by the fine wood workmanship traditional to our area and by the fine lines of the “gulet”s, the local schooners, have tried in the past to tap local sources. Our group has in depth experience in matching high client expectations with local available sources. We are able to provide reproducable quality, in time and according to agreement.