YachtWORKS: Carpentry in Teak


Figure 1: A 58 Foot motoryacht. The teak deck is pretty run down. Withered wood with fastenings loosing their plugs, seams loosing the sealant and cracked wood. The owner has decided to have the deck replaced by yachtWORKS. Please note the the “cheap” deck layout with straight planks without a king plank and without waterways and without a king plank.


Figure 2: The new layout of the teakdeck has been proposed by yachtWORKS. Eventually, after refinement to details the layout will be approved by the owner.


Figure 3: Carefully, the geometry of every stripe is already predetermined when the project leaves the engineer’s office.



Figure 4 and Figure 5: The result can be shown around: The work has been completed professionally and within the delivery dates. The owner will enjoy the pretty “face” of his yacht many more years. (You can click on these two images to enlarge)


Figure 6: A bathing platform, lost all appeal of the fine teak after many years in service, in salt and sun.

Figure 7: The enginner’s office has completed the drawings. The owner has approved the design and the layout. Note the five stainless steels studs driven through the length of the platform. Details, which cannot be seen initially, but will provide lasting quality of the product. Teak: Brown, Stainless Steel: Blue and Gray.


Figure 8:The completed product. Again, a fast and efficient installation by friendly craftsmen. A well thought through design and many years of pleasure on the water with a seamanlike solution.