About Us

yachtWORKS®, your Peace of Mind at Sea.
I started my sailor life in seventies with a small sandal in İzmir. I educated on maritime and marine machinery. After participating in some different companies, we established yachtWORKS together with Mr. Yusuf Civelekoğlu in 2000 and run together it until 2012. Since that date, it has been conducting by me as a repair company. In time, yachtWORKS growingly has completed approximately 50.000 projects. Now, with engineer and mechanical staff, outfit & machinery investments and detailed work database, yachtWORKS is a serious power in Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey.
The most important feature is taking cognizance of sea culture and principles during Servicing FOR sailors BY sailors; high standards of professionalism; quality services to discerning clients, who value their safety and care for their assets; a one-stop service, big enough to solve problems but still retain the personal touch; the dedication to build and guard a sterling reputation. One point of contact, one contract, a total solution, relevant cost, all under one roof.
Yet while simple, the concept remains virtually unique and today, yachtWORKS® remains one of the few businesses where clients can expect a friendly welcome, clearly explained quotations without any obligation, a job carried out to the highest standards, followed through to timely completion and accompanied by a proper warranty – all at a reasonable price.
In last year, we strengthened the structures of our service centers, even more.
Turgutreis, near Bodrum, is our main hub. Alongside our service facilities here, we offer a well-stocked chandlery yachtMARKET and our staff are committed to researching and obtaining any spares or replacements, however specialised or critical, as required.
Our 1800 square meter under-cover facility in Didim Marina offers a controlled environment with yachtMARKET, and is an integral part of the most comprehensive yachting operation in the Eastern Mediterranean. We can now handle the most demanding rebuilding projects more swiftly and effectively than ever before.
Our base in Göcek, at the heart of the motoryacht cruising area, remains geared to ensure that the cruising season is uninterrupted by unwanted breakdowns.
Our powerful, transportable Fast Intervention Vessel is another one of our company’s dynamic features and is designed for the fastest (38 knot) possible response at short notice and can respond to your situation, wherever (180 nm reach) you are in our waters.
Come and meet us at one of our facilities – talk to us about your requirements, or simply visit our website for some interesting insights.
Whatever your needs, we welcome you to the sparkling seas and coasts of the Aegean and wish you fair winds and safe passage.

Can Sürekli