Technical Properties of the 12′ Dinghy

Technical Properties of the 12′ Dinghy

LOA 3.66m
Bmax 1.42m
Lwl >3.53m
Displacement 115kg min
Sail Area 10.60sqm

Building Timber
Sapelli Mahogany (Planks, Longitudinal elements, Benches, Seats, Deck, Floorboards, Rudder Cheeks), Anatolian Oak (Keel, Keelson, Transom, Frames, Stem, Knees, Futtocks, Centreboard Case, Mast step), Caucasian Spruce (Spars), Certified Marine Ply (Rudder Blade)

Further Details
Varnished with Jotun Benar and International Original, hull glued with Lloyd-Approved epoxy, spars laminated with polyurethane, fastenings in copper and in AISI316 stainless steel. Centerboard in hot dip galvanized steel. Rudder pintles and halliard sheave with Delrin bushing. Rudder blade in epoxy-painted certified marine ply. Stem and some knees laminated in oak. Running rigging Cousin Ropes, blocks Lalizas. Sail in 6 oz. Polyant, manufactured by Kaya Sails.Some building materials and some details subject to change acc. to individual agreements. Acc. to client specifications and to class approval prototype has no oars, rowlocks, footbraces and david hooks