How To Obtain a Residence Permit
Foreigners, travelling into Turkey on their own yacht or foreigners working on a yacht in Turkey enjoy the benefit of eligibilty for residence up to five years. The underlying principle is, that a yacht is considered as an abode and, by power of a mooring contract sufficient proof is provided that one’s abode is in Turkey. The mooring contract has to be with a marina licensed by the Turkish Ministry for Tourism and Culture. Particularly in the provinces Antalya and Mugla, where the Security Department is fairly knowledgeable in this subject, many foreign yachtspeople enjoy extended stays in Turkey by a residence permit. Eligible are the yacht owner, her/his spouse, their children and the crew of the yacht.

Below find copied the relevant circulars by the Home Ministry. For the Turkish Texts click please the Turkish flag below, at ambiguities the Turkish text is of relevance. Sections of particular importance to yachtspeople have been highlighted. All information is believed to be correct but, as usual, provided without liability!

This page was set up with the kind help of Hasan Kacmaz, Member of Board, Park Kemer Marina.
Circular of the Home Ministry of The Turkish Republic Number B.05.1.EGM. 41196-1830/2 M. 998 dated 11 April 2000 and with the subject title: “Alien Tourists Arriving by Yachts”:

As known; with coming into effect of the law number 4360 and 4361 dated 16.05.1998 and with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs some changes to some of the articles of the Law number 5683, regulating the residence and travel of foreigners in Turkey, were designated and circulated to all provincial governors.
According to the arrangement in the section headed “Aliens Intending Extended Stay” of the circular referred to above, citizens of group A countries ( EU and OECD) the visa period can be extended for a further 3 months at the expiry of their visa or exemption period. Citizens of Group B countries (EU or OECD) are permitted to stay only for the visa period or for the exemption period. In case that these aliens wish to extend their stay in Turkey, they will have to apply to a Turkish mission abroad and receive a long-term residence permit before returning to Turkey.
It is understood that this procedure caused some difficulties for aliens traveling with the aim of yachting and on a short term visa or on a visa exemption and it has been found appropriate that the above regulation will be waived for yacht owners, their spouces and children as long as they can produce proof of a valid contract for their yacht in a marina licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and that, upon application, they will be eligible to receive a long term visa. The visa period will be limited by the length of their mooring contract.

Regardless of former residence periods in Turkey and regardless of nationality a residence permit will be granted to yacht owners, their spouces and the children for two years at the first application, for three years at the second application, for five years at the next applications. If the mooring contract is shorter than two years, the residence permit will be limited to the contract period.

M. Rasih Özbek, Deputy Secretary, On behalf of the Minister

Announcement of the Home Ministry of The Turkish Republic, Security General Directorate, Number B.05.1.EGM. 41 196-1 830-2 M. 998, dated 17 April 2000 and with the subject title: “Alien Tourists Arriving by Yachts”, Circular Number 113:

It has been found appropriate to practice the circular, regulating the travels of aliens into our country with the aim of yachting and traveling on a short term visa or on a visa exemption and requiring an extended residence permit, as follows:
1- The residence permit as practiced for the yacht owner, his/her spouse and for their children shall be extended also to the yacht’s crew.
2- For receiving a residence permit, the yacht owner, his/her spouse or the crew shall apply to the Security Department of the administrative district, where the marina, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, is located.
3- Applications thus received will be sent to the Governorship for evaluation and for issuing the permit if approved and the alien will be able to collect the permit at the District Security Directorate.
4- The issuing of the residence permits will base upon the mooring contracts with the marinas, as stipulated in the related circular, and the procedures for this will be started without delay on application and will be completed with dispatch and the expiry of the valid visa will not be considered.

It is requested that the procedures will be carried out as described above and notice of this shall be taken with dispatch by all districts and ports of entry featuring a Marina licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.
M. Rasih Özbek, Deputy Secretary, On behalf of the Minister